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What Our Clients Say

Over the years we have handled over 3,000 cases, many just like yours. As a dedicated personal injury and auto accident attorney, Mark Farbman and his staff are deeply gratified when their clients take the time to express their appreciation for their efforts.

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About Our Staff

  • Mr. Farbman and his staff were great on my case.  Jon T.
  • I have never recieved such an outstanding customer service experience with such professionalism  Moe I.
  • They were very professional and had my best interest at heart.  Erika H.
  • The office of Mark Farbman was great, he took care of me and my family.   James C.
  • The staff at Mark’s office was always kind and courteous.  Bobby L.
  • Mark Farbman has excellent customer service...I left satisfield.  Vanessa B.
  • They help out the under dog and fight for justice.  Tenia D.
  • I think your professional staff was very courteous, knowledgeable, precise, and thorough.  Jamieon H.
  • Your staff has been excellent. Any time I called with a question I got answers and never had a bad interaction.  Richard S.
  • Your service was great because you took action right away.   Sean B.
  • Very distinguished and respectful.  Jennifer C.
  • Excellent service.  Myetta H..
  • I'm still here and with my family, thank you Mr. Farbman, best effort and outcome.  Eugene W.
  • Very professional, couteous, and active in my case.  I will call on him again.  Kenny B.
  • They will must definitely will ease your mind.  Veronica H.
  • It's great!..staff did a wounderful job...  Tony T.
  • Excellent Law Office. The staff was very professional.  Pierre A.
  • Overall office is great and the people are very nice   Thomas M.
  • … excellent team that works for you.  Badir K.
  • The staff answered all my questions and went the extra mile...reliable and professional.  Cheryse W.
  • … very professional and treated me with respect and kindness.  Barbara T.
  • Very professional and courteous.  Chester B.
  • The staff has always been very pleasant and easy to work with.  Laura M.
  • I will come back for any future accident.   Jamilah B.
  • Very helpful, experienced, and easy to work with.  Pamela C.
  • He left nothing undoneJohn D.
  • A group of legal professionals who resolves issues…  Jamieon H.
  • Very courteous, very accesable, and very helpful...  John T.
  • Showed alot of respect. In many ways.   Brenda R.
  • Mark and his staff fought for my proper treatment. They’re great!  Alim C.
  • All calls were returned in a reasonable time...were especialy helpful in explaining the process [and] status of my case... Cynthia M.
  • Your staff always treated me with care, attention, and courteousness.  Shavondra B.
  • The staff treated me with the upmost respect.  Timmy G.
  • Staff was always courteous and pleasant.  Bedelia P.
  • The staff treated me very well.  Kassem
  • Very professional.  George B.
  • Very caring and helpful.  Megan D.


  • The timing of the settlement was great…   Jose A.
  • A true lawyer of epic proportions... Gary D.
  • I would highly recommend the law office of  Mark Farbman...Cynthia M.
  • Drunk driver pulled in front of me causing me to hit him at 55mph. Mr. Farbman pursured the primary insurance company and set up the underinsured motorist claim. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case.  John D
  • Great! He will get you as soon as possible  and he is a good lawyer and he will take good care of you. Eugene W.
  • ...met my expectations.  Jose A.
  • I am extremely satisfied...The best law firm.  Moe I.
  • I was very satisfield with the end results and will definitely refer your office to others. Laura M.
  • The insurance company was giving me the run around, so I called Mark Farbman and I am happy with the results.  Myetta H.
  • Mr. Farbman made sure I got back in the golf course, back to a normal life... John T.
  • Head on and the service was great.  Thomas M. 
  • I was hit by an uninsured motorist. Mark Farbman and his staff took care of everything from start to finish. H. Patel 
  • ...better than I expected.  Nataliya K.
  • Took the stress off. All I had to worry about was getting better. Vanessa B.
  • They will fight tooth and nail to win your case.  Shavondra B.
  • A+ in my book!!!  Veronica H.
  • me in so many ways.   Brenda R.
  • They work hard to help people get what they need right away.   Sean B.
  • expectations to the fullest.  Bobby L.
  • ...very good service overall.  Richard W.
  • We really appreciate the hard work put into our case. Thank you!   Mary B.
  • They got the job done.  Badir K.
  • Great !  Hawkins O.
  • I got the treatment that I needed for my injuries  Igor T.
  • ...great job!  Timmy G.
  • ...beyond my expectations.  Jeremy D.
  • I was rear ended and got injured and had a good outcome.  Gerald D.
  • Agreeable resolution very courteous.   Marcia C.
  • Knowledgeable, courteous detailed oriented firm that gets results.  Jason R.
  • ...I would recommend Attorney Mark Farbman to my family and friends.  Daryl C.
  • It made me feel very comfortable to have a person looking after my legal issues knowing that if it is a problem to arise he would know how to resolve it.  Mamie C.
  • An excellent job, well done, you are a great law firm.  James H.

Attorney Mark Farbman

  • Mark Farbman is the go to lawyer for personal injury!  Timmy G.
  • Mark Farbman is a great attorney.  He takes the time to work at each case as if he was dealing with his own family members.  Erika H.
  • He immeditately told me what my legal rights...taking care of my injuries...Cynthia M.
  • Mark Farbman is a terrific person...kind and intelligent man.   Vanessa B. 
  • A very good lawyer… I will come back.  Cochoya H.
  • I would tell anyone that has a problem to come to Mark Farbman…  Bobby W.
  • Mark Farbman was very dedicated…  Jordan F.
  • Mark Farbman is champion of personal injury law...  Roxie F. 
  • Concerned with my well being and healing...making sure my care was paid for... John T.
  • ...very polite had a great personality...He made me feel important. D'Andrea M. 
  • I will always refer him in the future. D'Andrea M.
  • Mr. Farbman did a wonderful job for me!  John D.
  • …very knowledgable  Badir K.
  • … He took good care of me and my case  Bobby W.
  • beyond what I expected.  Nataliya K.
  • I will use you again and tell others to use you.  Gia A.
  • Very honest and understanding and most of all professional.  Parish W.
  • … he’s the best.  Bobby W.
  • He has done several cases for me and won each time.  Sharon P.
  • I would refer anyone to his firm.  Sharon P.
  • He has been the best attorney I trust him to do my sons cases.  Sharon P.
  • It was great benefit knowing I had a good attorney representing me. He relieved me of all the pressures of being in an accident  Sidnee N.
  • He told me step by step and had me fully in the know about my case…  Gia A.
  • …he is great, he get you what you want.  Jessica B.
  • The greatest benefit…is the peace of mind having your legal power.  Jason R.
  • Concerned about his clients.   Brenda R.
  • Attorney Mark Farbman helped me find good doctors and fought for me to settle my case.  Cabdi C.
  • Hell of a guy and does a hell of a job.  Michael M.
  • When my accident happened Mark Farbman came to my rescue when the insurance company started acting up and I am pleased with the outcome of my case. Thanks.  Gloria B.
  • He has been a blessing ...thank God. If I ever need another lawyer I will not hesitate to call Mr. Farbman. Thank you for all your help in this case Mr. Farbman.  William S.

Client Service:

  • The service I received was great.  Barbara T.
  • You guys were wounderful. Thank you and God Bless!  Mary B.
  • Yes, the staff was great, answered all my questions and treated me with the upmost respect.  James C.
  • The overall service… was wonderful.  Nataliya K.
  • They have done a good job with me through the whole process. I am feeling better then before.  Eugene W.
  • They treat you with respect and care.  Badir K.
  • Very courteous  everytime I spoke with him and its wonderful...  Jennifer C.
  • Keep up the great job.   Sean B.
  • Special People…  Jon T.
  • They do their best to help.   Marcia C.
  • Great experience...informed of all results.   Jamilah B.
  • All my questions were answered.  Pierre A.
  • ...the best customer service ever..  Cheryse W.
  • Everyone at the office has kept me up to date about all the information I needed to know  Tenia D.
  • Mark Farbman, P.A. is an outstanding law firm.  Erika H.
  • They took the time to understand my issues and had the compassion and knowledge to help me in my case.  Parish W.
  • A great law office that really helps its clients…  Richard S.
  • Support and making sure my case went well.  Marion A.
  • Excellence!!  Sharon P.
  • Very satisfied with the work done.   Rochester B.
  • Also very helpful and resourceful for all my needs.  Igor T.
  • I felt at ease when discussing legalities…  Jamieon H.
  • It is like a family.  Davaris B.
  • They came to meet me next to my job site… Great people that truly care about you.  Gary R.
  • The care from the staff has been great!  Calvin M.
  • The staff here at Mr. Farbman’s office was very caring and courteousness  Shanika C.
  • …handled (my daughter’s) case in a very timely and through manner…any and all questions and concerns, no matter how small they were, was always handled with care…your staff made sure our concerns were taken care of that day.  Sharon P.
  • An office that works hard at getting a favorable result.  Marie S.
  • …most attentive and courteous staff I have ever encountered. They always kept me involved and informed.  Shabrea D.
  • ...always answered my questions, and involved me in my case   Rhonshea H.
  • I was getting updates all the time.  Cabdi C.
  • It has been wonderful to deal with such professionals. I was very comfortable here, and Mr. Farbman explained everything in simple terms. We will be forever grateful. Thank you!  Cindy S.
  • I would use them again and recommend them to anyone I know  Chad M.

Spanish Clients:

  • En todo momento ellos han sido muy amables y cuidadosos en mi caso y con migo. Como una oficina donde de verdad se preocupan por sus clientes y los tratan con profesionalismo.  Jonathan R.
  • … siempre respondían mis preguntas y me quitaban todas mis dudas. El servicio está bien.  Nancy M.
  • Un excelente servicio al cliente. Muy atentos y siempre dispuestos a escuchar las necesidades de sus clientes. Mucha calidad, con un personal excelente y muy dedicado a servir a sus clientes.  Maria G.
  • El servicio estuvo muy bueno. Muy buena la atención y me siento feliz con su servicio. La atención es muy profesional.  Marlon L.
  • El servicio estuvo muy bueno. La atención es muy buena.  Amable A.
  • Me trato muy bien. Cuando llamaba me atendieron bien y me dieron el dinero que yo esperaba. Me gusto que hay personal que habla español.  Jaquelin F

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