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Loss or damage to your property –

typically, a Car, SUV, or Pick Up Truck – can be every bit as stressful and disruptive as a personal injury. In the case of a car, there is usually the expense of the repairs or replacement. In addition, in our “auto-dependent” society, being without a car can have a profound impact on your ability to work and make a living, obtain medical care and treatment, as well as to support and sustain your family. All of these issues become important as you pursue your claim for compensation and get on with your life.

Of course, you could also experience other types of losses, such as damage to your personal property, lost wages, lost business, the loss of other income-earning opportunities, and so forth. So, instead of taking a hastily offered settlement from the insurance company, you should talk to a lawyer, such as Mark Farbman, to determine what compensation you may be rightly entitled to.

As we review your case, we will help you determine the true extent of your loss and develop a careful determination of appropriate compensation that you should seek.

The contents of the article are provided for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended for legal advice.